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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tulsi Tuladhar, Jai Rajbhandari, Bishwo Dhar Tuladhar and Sampurna Tuladhar discussing what else can be done for the centre.

Alok Tuladhar the photographer is not in any pictures. He has worked hard in making the website and the brochures.

Vijay Shrestha ( owner of Paun Bhandar) and Sunil Shrestha ( architect based in UK) have been active supporters as well. Posted by Picasa

Anil Chitrakar explaining to the attendants what can be achieved when the will to achieve it is there. Posted by Picasa

The chief Guruju pulling the string to unfurl the banners.

Then speaking a few words in appreciation of the work done. Posted by Picasa

Peole coming forward to become members of the Jana Baha Society. We obtain 34 instant membership that day. Posted by Picasa

All people attending were given a folder containing the brochure, certificate of appreciation and things needed to be done in Janabaha.

People were encouraged to join the Jana Baha Society contributing a one off Rs. 100. This 100 symbolizing the willingness to visit at least 100 times every year the Baha and hopefully participate in the activities to the society. Posted by Picasa
The two banners created with a few hours of work on Photoshop. Posted by Picasa

Inauguration on 16 Sept,2006 3:30PM Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa

Sampurna Tuladhar explaining to the gathering of the achievements made in the four days .

The main Guruju in the front row ( with the cap) along with other Gurujus. Chairperson of the Janabaha Youth Club ( gentleman in red T shirt) also attending.

Anil Chitrakar explaining to the gathering of the importance of the centre and the need to compile articles and books. Posted by Picasa

Janabaha Heritage and Information Centre Inauguration

This was the inauguration of Janabaha Heritage and Information Centre Inauguration. It was amazing that with an initial budget of Rs. 25,000, we rented a room, design format created by Umesh Tamrakar( architect) got it painted and carpeted, got the carpenter to make the tables and benches, the mattresses made and the electrical points fitted to light up the wall hangings. The logo was designed, pads made, certificate of appreciation made,brochure created, website created and several hours spent on photoshop programme to make the two banners. ALL THIS WAS ACHIEVED IN FOUR DAYS TIME!!!!.

So congratulations to the whole team. Alok Tuladhar, Umesh Tamrakar, Tirtha Dhar Tuladhar, Prabodh Kansakar and Bal dai especially deserve praise for the hard work. Many others had contributed as well.