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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Shining Silver Souvenir Promise

What an ingenious solution!

2010_12_22_9999_108 - C (1024x680)Hard cash is required (to pay the salaries, mostly) to continue the cleaning of Janabahaa. And, people do have a huge appetite for valuable mementos.

Just perfect!

A group of youths from Janabahaa, led by Bijay Shrestha, have come up with a plan to raise the much-needed funds by selling a limited number of specially-marked silver souvenirs. The 15-gram relic will be released on the occasion of the annual bathing ceremony of the image of Janbahaa Dyo (Karunamaya Aryavalokiteshor), which falls on January 12, 2011 this year, and will be available for sale to the public on first-come-first-served basis.

Pledge form.A lot of financial planning and resource mobilization goes into a task such as this. “Investment” for procuring the silver was raised from local individuals, who happily provided an interest-free loan of Rs. 25,000 each.

2010_12_22_9999_115 - C (1024x603)Each of the lenders has pledged that he/she will not ask that the money be returned until all the mementos are sold.

A small “profit” from the sale of each unit of the souvenir, amounting to no more than a couple of hundred rupees, will be deposited in the Janabahaa cleanliness fund.

As the souvenir will be of 99.9 % sterling silver, its monetary value is bound to appreciate quickly. Additionally, as the token is directly linked to Janabahaa Dyo, many people will consider it a priceless possession, of which they will want never let go.

If you wish to ensure that you get your unit of this unique sterling silver souvenir, book it today by calling Bijay Shrestha (cell: 977.98510.35097) or  Prabodh Kasaa (cell: 977.98414.79388).

Photos by Alok Tuladhar.