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Monday, November 16, 2009

Daloo Cleaning: A Perennial Chore

The "daloo" cleaning campaign is a never-ending one. It takes about two weeks for the daloos to get back to their dirt-laden condition. The leftover oil attracts dust and pigeon feathers quite easily. It is not surprising that the bird droppings accumulate fairly quickly, given the huge pigeon population in the courtyard. Here are some pictures of a clean-up campaign conducted in June 2008, with participation from devotees, local residents and members of the official priest clan.

Use of gas burner to melt the dirt before scraping it off.

Melting away the dirt using a high-power gas burner.

Dipankar Shakya (in hat) scraping off the melted dirt with thick (gunny bag) cloth.

Nabin Shakya, a member of the priest clan, scraping the daloos clean with a knife.

Subarna Chitrakar scraping the melted dirt.

The end result.

Photos by Sampurna Tuladhar.