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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sometimes, it is good to shut yourself off from the world from for a while and just reflect. We did just that, and came up with this list. Having something in black and white helps tremendously to put things in perspective.

Major Achievements of Janabahaa Society/Janabahaa Heritage Information Center

1.       September 2006: Establishment of Janabahaa Heritage Information Center, an office space to carry out the various works of Janabahaa Society in an organized manner. Rented and renovated a room inside Janabahaa courtyard, created brochure and membership certificate, part-time staff hired. Solicited support of half a dozen local non-profit organizations, such as the Aryavalokiteshor Sarva Sangh, Machhindra Bhajan Khala, Pradipta Pustakalaya, Macchindra Club, Machhindra Rover and Ranger Scouts, Kanak Chaitya Mahavihar Sudhar Samiti, etc.
2.       September 2006: Membership campaign launched to involve as many volunteers (professionals from all fields) as possible in the various activities of Janabahaa Society. Database of members’  address, email, telephone number, etc. created. Periodic newsletter sent to members electronically to maintain a close link with the member community using modern technology. Current membership stands at over 200.
3.       September 2006: Launched official website and blog
4.       October 2006: Cleaning campaign launched with the help of youth volunteers from different non-profit organizations to keep the periphery of Janabahaa courtyard physically clean.
5.       November 2006: Published and distributed a New Year calendar on the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1127.
6.       March 2007: A documentary entitled "Jheegu Janabahaa" aimed at creating awareness about the various religious, cultural and social aspects of Janabahaa was produced in DVD format. It was distributed in Kathmandu and London at a nominal cost.
7.       May 15, 2007: Survey trip to Raniban forest to locate fallen and aged “chilaune” trees required for renovation of Janabahaa Dyo temple after receiving permission from the authorities.
8.       May - August 2007: Numerous trips taken to Raniban forest by youth volunteers from Janabahaa area to fell and collect “chilaune” trees required for the renovation of Janabahaa Dyo temple.
9.       May 2008: Children’s mini library started at the Center with books donated by members of the Society. Objective of the library is to get the local youth interested and involved in the Society’s activities and objectives over a period of time.
10.   June 28, 2008: First annual meeting held with the participation of a large number of community members and public figures to discuss the achievements of Janabahaa Society and to chart out the way forward.
11.   July 12, 2008: Free health clinic launched to  monitor community health and to provide general health awareness education with the help of volunteer doctors.
12.   August 27, 2008: Janabahaa Dyo temple renovation works officially launched on this auspicious date to replace the age-worn wooden beams in the inner sections of the first and second floors.
13.   September 15, 2008: Charity show of Nepali feature flim "Sano Sansaar" to raise funds for the activities of Janabahaa Society at Jai Nepal cinema.
14.   October 4, 2008: Children's group ("Macha Puchah") rolled out with the aim of bringing about increased awareness among the younger generation regarding the rich heritage of Janabahaa.
15.   April 2009: Janabahaa Dyo temple renovation works officially concluded (wooden beams were replaced on the inner section of the first and second floors and brick tiles on the first floor were replaced) with financial support from local community members and devotees. This was the first major renovation of the temple structure carried out after about a hundred years.
16.   May 2009: Repair works started on the votive stupas in the Janabahaa courtyard with financial help from community members and devotees.
17.   July 2009: Fundraising campaign started to collect the money required to repair the maney (prayer wheel) and daloo (metal oil lamp) structure and to relocate them from the temple platform to the lower ground surrounding the stupas.
18.   August 2009: Weekly meetings launched to plan for the design and construction of the Agam (Digi) Chhen – the multipurpose public building on the eastern face of Janabahaa. It was completely burnt down in a fire in 1917 AD, and was rebuilt with an European-style fa├žade. It will now be rebuilt from the ground up, with a typical Newaa portico. Senior architects and engineers from the local community have taken the lead in the planning.
19.   September 3, 2009: Screening of rare footage of Kathmandu Valley shot in 1955-7 for the benefit of the general public.
20.   November 2009: Research work launched for the preservation of historical archives with the objective of locating, transliterating, translating and digitizing the numerous ancient inscriptions found in various wooden, stone and metal objects in and around the Janabahaa Dyo temple with technical and financial support from experts in this field who are based in Nepal and abroad.