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Monday, August 04, 2008

Notice to Government About Renovation Works

One of the decisions made during the first meeting of the temple renovation ad-hoc committee held on Nepal Sambat 1128 Gunlathwo Tritiya (today) was to officially inform the concerned body of the government about the renovation works being planned. A letter to that effect was submitted to the Department of Archaeology today itself.

Photos depicting the crumbling, decaying condition of the beams (given below) were also attached to the letter to highlight the urgency of undertaking renovation works immediately. These photos were taken by Alok Tuladhar in October 2006.

1st Meeting of Janabahaa Dyo Temple Renovation Ad-hoc Committee

The first meeting of the seven-member temple renovation ad-hoc committee (formed as per the decision made during the meeting called by Aryavalokiteswara Sarbasangh on July 26, 2008) was held today at the Janabahaa Society office.

Here is the invitation to the meeting (in Nepal Lipi script)...

...and the minutes of the meeting (in English, sic!).

Among the members of the committee, Bijay Shrestha and Bal Krishna Prajapati could not make it to this meeting. Ashok Shakya could not attend since he was on duty as the official priest at the Janabahaa Dyo temple since the last three days, till the rest of the holy month of Gunla. Click on the pictures above for larger versions. Sorry, no one took pictures of today’s meeting.