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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chariot procession of Janabahaa Dyo

We all know that all the chariot procession of Janabahaa Dyo takes place once a year as per Newaa culture. The procession goes around town during April in a magnificent way, awakening a sense of profound religious devotion and heightened cultural awareness among all those who witness this major festival. If we miss out it, we need to wait one whole year to witness it again. What if we are not in Nepal during the chariot pulling festionval -- do we have any choice ? Yes , now we definitely have .

Now you have the opportunity to see the Janabahaa deity chariot procession held in an amazingly lively manner on video. Just click on the play button below and visualize the breathtaking scenes. Video by truthasu (courtesy

Children's group ("Macha Puchah") rolled out

With the aim of bringing about increased awareness among the younger generation regarding the rich heritage of Janabahaa and the Newaa culture that is closely associated with it, a children’s group of Janabahaa Society has been launched on October 4, 2008. This group has been named Macha Puchah.

The current plan is to get this group to meet every Saturday at Janabahaa and discuss various issues related to Janabahaa, such as its history, religious significance, cultural importance, archeological value, etc. Group members will be given home assignments to gather information on specific topics related to Janabahaa to encourage them to interact with their parents and to make a presentation to the whole group the following week.

Suitable articles contributed by members will also be published in Janabahaa eNews, which will help the children polish their research and writing skills. To make this program more interesting for the children, activities like art class, oratory tutoring, Nepal Lipi and Ranjana Lipi (script) classes, field visits, etc. will be organized every week.

The concept of Macha Puchah was envisioned by multifarious personality Dr. Matina Tuladhar, with active participation of Anjila Tamrakar. Not only will this campaign ensure long-term participation of the young members for the betterment of Janabahaa and its periphery, this effort will also help the children to manifest their public speaking abilities and to help explore their hidden talents and self-confidence, and contribute to their overall personal development.

Members of the newly established children's group of Janabhaa Society.

Sahaj Tamrakar teaching the children to sketch.

Participants follow the art tutor's instructions keenly during the first meeting of the Janabahaa Society children's group .

Eight-year old Hriddhi Tuladhar is one of the youngest members to join Janabahaa Society's children's group.

Photos by Alok Tuladhar.