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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Screening of footage of Kathmandu Valley shot in 1955-7

On the occasion of Yenyaa Punih, there will be a special screening this evening (Thursday) of exclusive film footage of Kathmandu Valley from 1955-7. Here are a couple of screen captures from the footage. Shot it 16 mm and in color, it includes extensive coverage of the daily lives of the Newaa people in the Kathmandu Valley, as well as interesting scenes of religious and cultural events and venues and major thoroughfares.

The venue of the screening is just outside the main gate of Janabahaa, on the main road in Kel Tole. It will start at 7 pm, and will last about three hours. All are welcome to attend this event.

This event has been made possible by Macchindra Club and Bajrayogini Credit & Saving Co-operative Ltd.

The original structure?

This photo is printed on page 119 of "Picturesque Nepal" by Percy Brown, published by Adam and Charles, London in 1912. A question raised many times during the last several years is this: does this photo depict the main entrance to Janabahaa before it was burnt down to ashes in the fire of 1917 AD? If so, the stone pillar stands as it is till this day, albeit with finer finishing. The two lions have been moved inside. The central figure on the wooden torana (tympanum) seems to be that of the thousand-handed Karunamaya, or the Shahashrabhuja Avalokiteshwora.