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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reflect, Deliberate, Contemplate… to come up with a solution

As the date for the temple renovation works draws closer, interest in the finer details of the upcoming task is getting deeper. So far, we have had visual evidence of the run-down condition of the beams only of the frontal chamber, but today we got some pictures of the beams of the inner chamber. Look closely at the areas marked with the red ovals. One can clearly see all the way through to the masonry (brick, mud, etc. that forms the flooring on the upper storey) that lies on top of the wooden beams. The masonry can be seen because large portions of the beams have been completely destroyed by termites and other insects. You can click on each picture for a larger version.

These are pictures of beams directly above the deity of Janabahaa Dyo. Now, this does pose a significant problem, as no one but select members of the Aryavalokiteshor Sarbasangh (or Dyo Pala gurujus) are allowed to go into that section of the temple. And naturally none of them possess the masonry and carpentry skills required for the work in hand. Time for some deep contemplation… there has to a solution to this…