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Monday, September 14, 2009

Minutes of Meeting, September 8 (re: Digi Chhen)

Conceptual drawing of front façade of Digi Chen for its proposed reconstruction. Drawing by senior architect Bibhuti Man Singh.

Proposed conceptual floor plan drawings for the ground, first and second floors of the Digi Chen. All drawings by senior architect Bibhuti Man Singh.

 Meeting held on September 8, 2009 to analyze the conceptual drawings shown above.

Minutes (Recorded by Umesh Tamrakar)
Janabaha Agam chen
Meeting title
Site meeting
Ananda Shakya, Thakuli
Ratna Harsha Shakya
Devananda Shakya
Kanak Shakya
Nil Kaji Shakya
Swayambhu Bajracharya
Mindu Bajracharya
Dharma Shakya
Suresh Bajracharya
Pushpa Shakya
Buddha Ratna Shakya
Prem Ratna Shakya
Nabin Shakya
Dipankar Shakya
Mr. Tirtha Dhar Tuladhar
Mr. Manik Tuladhar
Jai Rajbhandari
Mr. Alok Tuladhar
Rajani Tamrakar
Mr. Umesh Kaji Tamrakar
‘Kopa dyo chen’ room size to increase
Kitchen to accommodate 12-15 psn, preparation space required
‘Bhajan’ room size to be increased 12-15 psn, can be relocated to the left of entrance
Toilet required
Bai dyo space needs to be used as office space as well
Existing ‘Mahankal dyo’ to be placed against the wall so that it can be seen from the road
Entrance can be slightly reduced in width if space is limited for ‘Bhajan’ and Kitchen
Internal decorative columns were advised to be removed as it might cause obstruction
‘Agam dyo’ needs privacy so access from the east through the middle room suggested rather than from the verandah in the west where it opens up to the courtyard.
Verandah space to be included in the room – gurjus to have direct view from the rooms to the main deity
‘Agam dyo’ room size to be increased by removing store
Verandah to be included in the hall/ store thereby increasing the hall/ store size
Store to be relocated near the stair with access from the hall
Gurjus suggested in the reconstruction of elevation that existed before 1972 fire

The minutes and conceptual drawings have been posted in this public blog site during this planning phase with the objective of providing transparency and inclusiveness in the decision-making process. Those of you who are unable to attend the meeting physically may criticize the concepts and suggestions that have developed so far via this blog or by email ( and your comments will be given due importance. Totally original thoughts and proposals are also very welcome at this time. Photos by Alok Tuladhar.


Dipak Tuladhar said...

Dear Jana Baha Society memebrs,

First of all let me wish you ALL the BEST in your project of renovating Digu Chhen at Jana Baha.

The design looks nice. Let me add a suggestion that please fit a gutter on the roof that links to the under ground directly so that the ground water will be recharged.

Please do not let the water go wastage on the road OR drainage but please re-charge the ground water. Lands are getting dry these days because of sealed ground. So this provision will help to regenerate the under ground water at-leat in Jan Baha area. Later people will follow this idea so that the whole area will get rid of dry ground and water scarcity.

People are now digging and pulling the water from the ground but not letting the rain water inside the ground.

We have to think about culture as well as invironment simultenously.

Thank you.

Dipak Tuladhar
Durbar Marg

Bibhuti Man Singh said...

Yes, ground water or aquifer recharging is on most lips these days and is being done improperly on most sites. It's a pity no authority is overseeing or even setting up standards for this. The result is undue saturation of the wrong strata, besides unintended subsurface pollution.

We need expert opinion on this and possible soil tests: for engineering purposes as well as to find out the proper depth at which recharging should take place.

Manik may have a say in this.

Bibhuti Man Singh

Artha Tuladhar, Asan Kisidhwakha said...

Many thanks to Dipakjyu for suggesting gutter and groundwater recharge. Please do consider making provision for the same. Rainwater harvesting and usage is an effective, eco-friendly and popular way to mitigate water shortages of the valley.

While with the NGOFORUM with support from UN Habitat we installed rainwater harvesting at Tri-chandra and later at Durbar High shcool for demonstration effect. You may please contact Roshan Shrestha, Chief Technical Advisor of UN Habitat or Prakash Amatya of NGOFORUM for technical (and if still available, material support too) for installing rainwater harvesting and ground recharge. I believe, they will only be happy to support.


Artha Tuladhar
Ason Kishidwaka

PS Should you have problems contacting either Mr. Shresth or Mr. Amatya, please call me.

Bijaya Sainju said...

I also take it a very good thought.

Bijaya Sainju

Suwarn Vajracharya said...

जनबहाःया संरक्षण यायेगु ज्याय् सना दीपिँ पासापिँ सकसितँ जिगु पाखेँनं यक्व सुभाय् ब्यूसे छिकपिनिगु ज्या ताःलना वनेमा धका आसिका याना हइच्वना।
-सुवन् वज्राचार्य

Dr. Sampurna Tuladhar said...

Great to see so much inspiration and perspiration going on and so much good feedback. I am sure we are truly on our way to creating a great Digi Chen structure.
Once the building becomes a reality, I certainly hope that we can make it a centre that is not just used occasionally for social and religious functions but a centre for intense day to day intellectual, social and cultural activities in whatever format possible. A place where the younger generation feels comfortable to come in to understand music, art, religion, history, culture, language etc. Just my two cents.


Bibhuti Man Singh said...

The best two cents to date, I must admit. My compliments to Sampurna!

Yes, mere religious/social functions has that limited exclusionary feel about it and does not excite anyone anymore. Digi Chhen must be more community friendly. This is precisely the reason behind my proposal for a wider, more open entrance area.

Thanks again to Sampurna for this breath of fresh air which should be taken positively by all concerned.