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Monday, September 21, 2009

Minutes of Meeting, September 12 (re: Digi Chhen Design Review)

This meeting was called to further analyze the revised drawing ( which was arrived at after the meeting of September 8, 2009 (

All interested individuals and organizations are requested to provide their feedback, comments, criticism, suggestions, contributions and inputs of any kind no later than October 20, 2009 by commenting on this blog or by sending email to to help in the decision making process in an efficient, all-encompassing manner.

Minutes (recorded by Umesh Tamrakar)
Janabaha Agam chen
Meeting title
Site meeting on modified plans
Mr. Tirtha Dhar Tuladhar

Mr. Nil Kaji Shakya

Mr. Bijay Shrestha

Mr. Prem Ratna Bajracharya

Ms. Rajani Tamrakar

Mr. Dinesh Bajra Bajracharya

Mr. Indra Raj Bajracharya

Mr. Alok Tuladhar

Mr. Jai Rajbhandari

Mr. Umesh Kaji Tamrakar



Can Bhajan space be relocated? It was agreed that it can.


Bhajan space along with office space be combined as multipurpose space for Bhajan, information centre, display hall, meeting etc.
Umesh developing plans

One public pay toilet on the ground floor with access from outside and one on upper floors for Gurjus. May be keep the position of the public toilet in the ground floor as is in the drawing with access from Balkumari road.


Can Basement/ Semi basement be provided?
New by laws says yes

If the ht. permits (i.e not exceeding the ht. of the actual temple) can one more floor be added? As per by laws there is restriction to ht. 35’ for Preserved monument sub zone and 45’ for Cultural heritage sub-zone. For buildings in Preserved monument sub zone maximum 4 storey each 8’ ht.
Ht. of temple is being measured by Graphic survey team on 13.09.09.
Umesh to confirm whether this area lies in Preserved monument sub-zone or Cultural heritage sub-zone.


Can entrance be made narrower than 13’? Entrance was made smaller from around 16’ to 13’.


This revised drawing incorporates all suggestions that came up in the meeting of September 8, 2009 (please see Thanks to architect Umesh Tamrakar for updating the drawing.


Here is the engineering drawing of the Digi Chhen for its proposed reconstruction, converted to CAD format (digitized) by Umesh Tamrakar from the hand-drawn concept drawing of senior architect Bibhuti Man Singh (please see earlier posts at and