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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Three Boys from Barcelona

Here is an email received early this week from Barcelona, Spain. At the end are the screen shots of their web site (the original, as well as the translated version). Shows the popularity Janabahaa is gaining by the day, not only locally but also globally. Much thanks to Manel and friends for helping publicize Janabahaa Dyo, and for letting us know about it.

jwajalapa friends!

How are you? we are already in christmas time, cold days... Do you remember us? We are the 3 boys from Barcelona who came in year 2007 to take film about Janabahaa dya jatra...

We have just published an article about the festival:

Tha article includes only a few pictures from the thousands we did in year 2007 during our visit and it is only a short version text of all what we will like to explain, but even though we think it is sufficient to let know you fantastic festival around Seto Matxendranathbetween here in Barcelona, Catalonia.

We hope you enjoy the pictures... the text is in catalan, but you can translate by using Google translate:

As you can see we have put a link to Janabahaa dya society. Please send us your comments and explain how are the things going!!

best regards from Barcelona!


Associació Rebombori Digital
c/wellington 78 4rt 1a
08018 Barcelona

Screen shot of the same web site machine-translated into English by Google (not so accurate!).