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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shanti Swasti Path and Ayutahuti Yagya concludes at Janabahaa

Remember the chariot that toppled over in April?

Apparently there is a way to negate the sins committed by we mortals that might have caused a major disaster like that. In a bid to ask for forgiveness and compassion from The Compassionate One (Karunamaya), an elaborate Hom (homa puja: the ritual of offering grain and clarified butter into the sacred fire, page 483, Karunamaya: The Cult of Avalokiteswara – Matsyendranath In the Valley of Nepal by John K. Locke, S.J., Sahayogi Prakashan, Kathmandu, 1980) ceremony was conducted at Janabahaa premises during the last three days. As the first half of the name (Shanti Swasti Path) of this rare and unique event implies, several priests recited prayers as per Vajrayana Buddhist tradition with the objective of eradicating any bad luck that might befall the population because of the accident with the chariot.

The event culminated in a big feast today where hundreds of devotees, locals and VIPs were invited.
Photo of fallen chariot courtesy of All other photos by Alok Tuladhar.