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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Kingly Ancestors

These are digitized versions of portraits that adorn one of the walls of the Bhajan chamber, besides the main entrance to the Janabahaa complex, on the ground floor of the Digi Chhen. The portraits depict some of the more famous Malla-dynasty kings, who ruled the Kathmandu Valley from the twelfth to the eighteenth century (see Wikipedia article at

If you wish to get your hands on replicas of these precious collectors' items, hold your horses for a few days. We will tell you right here, on this blog, how you can acquire high-quality copies of these.

Bhaskar Malla

Bhupatindra Malla

Jayaprakash Malla

Jayasthiti Malla

Mahindra Malla

Parthibendra Malla

Pratap Malla

Siddhinarsingh Malla

1 comment:

manoguru said...

Dear Janabaha Society,

Heartily greetings from Singapore. I am very impressed by the Society's effort to renovate Janabaha and make it a place for Newari cultural revival.

I have fond memories of going to Janabaha when I was a child, and I remember looking at the portraits of the kings in the music hall. And I can't describe my delight to be able to find these pictures on the internet. With you permission, I would like to upload the pictures to Wikipedia and use it for Malla era articles.

Also I have a question regarding the portrait of Bhupatindra Malla, as given in your site. I wonder if that king is Bhupatindra Malla of Bhaktapur (reign 1696-1722)or Bhupalendra Malla (reign 1687–1700), king of Kantipur, son of Pratap Malla. For reference:

I feel that the portrait has to be that of Bhupalendra Malla, the son of Pratap Malla, and not Bhupatindra Malla, since I don't know why a king of Bhaktapur has to be depicted in temple of Kantipur.

I would greatly appreciate your answers to my query. And I wish your Society my best in the coming future.

Yours Sincerely,
Sudarshan Guruacharya