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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy Grit

This post is in continuation of previous posts about the repair works that were carried out on the main Janabahaa Dyo temple (Renovation Works Officially Launched and Thinking Out of the Box) and the antiquities found lying around (Doorway to the Past and History Unearthed).

Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

Countless heaps of dust and muck were removed from the upper floors during the cleaning up process to replace the flooring.

All the grime was collected in the courtyard...

...and sifted through meticulously.

 Mummified mice and pigeons were a common find.

A few artifacts were found in the dirt, though of no great value. 

These are some of the dyo pala gurujus (caretaker priests of Janabahaa Dyo) who personally undertook most of the renovation works at the temple. Indra Bajracharya (in red jacket) from Bhinchhebahaa, Patan is not associated with Janabahaa Dyo, but was the lead technician in the repair works, drawing from his vast experience of working with similar projects earlier.