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Thursday, September 11, 2008

"How to Build a Nepali Temple in Thirty Days" by Sushma Joshi

Awesome… people nowadays are not only renovating temples, like the one at Janabahaa, but are also building new ones from scratch, following centuries-old architectural style and technique. Check out this blog by established writer and filmmaker Joshi and read all about an amazing feat unfold before our very eyes in modern day Kathmandu -- THE GLOBAL AND THE LOCAL: How to Build a Nepali Temple in Thirty Days. Photos of the temple being built in Sanepa will be upload right here, soon. Please do come back again.

Update (September 12, 2008):
Okay, here are the promised pictures, and then some. We were so impressed with the upcoming temple when we visited it today, we decided we will get actively involved in supporting that project and help complete it. To start with, we have created a new blog site to cover this unique project. Click here to go there.