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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Janabahaa under seige?

Browsing through my photo collection, which I do often, I suddenly found myself gawking at these, which instantly triggered off disturbing memories from the not so distant past. What is the deal here? Security forces sealing off Janabahaa? Well, that is what it looks like in these pictures (first one showing the western entrance, and the second one the eastern). If you would like to educate us on what is going on here, please leave your comment below. Hope we will not have to see sights like this ever again. Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Right or wrong?

Many times it is plain outright difficult to ascertain what is right and what is wrong. Like this anonymous letter to the editor says, it is unbecoming to put up the Nepal Football Club Association banner over the main gate of a place as holy as Janabahaa. But then, there are two sides of a coin. What is the other side of the story? Let’s hear it, right here on this blog. Leave your comments, in favor of, and against putting up the banner.