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Friday, August 29, 2008

Renovation Works Officially Launched

Wednesday, August 27 was determined to be an astrologically auspicious day to commence the renovation works. On that day, a Kalash Puja ceremony was performed at the temple premises by members of the Aryavalokiteshor Sarbasangha, which formally launched the repair works. Though not much work was actually carried out on that day (as everybody will be busy with religious duties until the ongoing Gunla festivities are over), one very important task was achieved – detailed measurements were taken of some inner structures of the temple, including those of the present wooden beam configurations and their exact placements in the brickwork. In the process, a portion of a beam that was in decrepit condition was actually pulled out. Data thus obtained will be vital in determining exactly how the main wooden beams (that have deteriorated very badly due to age and insects) in the central chamber will be replaced. Consultations are being held currently among experienced engineers and other highly qualified technicians to decide on the safest mechanism of removing the weakened beams and placing new ones in their place. Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

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