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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cleaning effort continued

Cleaning is a continuous process. It requires people’s involvement. And involvement is a good thing.

In an effort to give continuity to the cleaning campaign at Janabahaa, (, Janabahaa Society has re-initiated the campaign of inviting different groups, especially the youth, to Janabahaa and involving them in the cleaning of various religious and archeological artifacts in this sacred courtyard.

To start with, a  group of about twenty students from the Ace Institute of Management (, Sinamangal, Kathmandu were mobilized to clean up the “daloo” or oil lamp posts on three sides the main temple building on October 11, 2009. These students were all from the BBA and BBA-BI First Semester of Ace, and belonged to the volunteer group RUNVAN, or Returned United Nations Volunteers Association of Nepal ( Coordinated by Santosh Bohara and facilitated by Ambika Poudel, this group not only carried out the cleaning work with much gusto, but also uploaded photos and feedback about this activity on their own blog site at

After the cleanup, Alok Tuladhar led a brief group discussion with the students at the Janabahaa Society office about the ongoing preservation works at Janabahaa and its significance to the unique historical, religious and cultural identity of the country. Free membership to the Society was also offered to the participants of the cleanup program that day.

Photos by Alok Tuladhar

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