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Friday, December 04, 2009

Coverage on Republica daily newspaper

Today's edition of Republica broadsheet daily included a story on the ongoing renovation and preservation efforts at Janabahaa. The interview for the story was conducted at the Janabahaa Society office two days ago by Kanchan Burathoki. The story is available online at

Here is a screen capture from thew newspapers's online edition.


Kris Benz said...

thanks alok for such a nice piece of history, but i dont understand why there r iron bars surrounding the temple, if i remember when i last visited this baha, and yes, the motorcyle on the photo was a little disturbing. couldnt we find a way to put this modern menace out from our cultural heritage sites?


Alok Tuladhar said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for going through the article and for your comment. The metal grill was put up some 25 years ago to prevent theft of the carvings on the temple. We are now planning to bring it down and provide security with electronic surveillance. Motorcycles and uncontrolled commercial activity will also be banned from the premises soon. Do visit us sometime when you are in the area. Thanks again for your continued interest.

Sampurna Tuladhar said...

Great work. Hope more and more people will understand the significance of what is trying to be achieved. Its the nation and community's pride if we can build up a great social-religious-academic centre.