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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chariot Festival Day 1 (Preparation & Palanquin Trip)

The annual festival of pulling Janabahaa Dyo’s chariot through the old part of Kathmandu kicked off from the southern end of Durbar Marg, just outside Teendhara Pathsala, on March 23, 2010, Tuesday, at about 5 pm.

Every year, this auspicious event coincides with Chaite Dashain, though it has nothing to do with that Hindu festival. Thousands of revelers joined in in this amazing event, and accompanied the chariot towards Ratnapark, Bhotahity and Ason.

Earlier, the statue of Janabahaa Dyo was put in an artistic palanquin at Janabahaa and carried to Durbar Marg by ten caretaker priests, who had undergone ritual purification procedures.

The palanquin procession was participated in by thousands of devotees, accompanied by several cultural and traditional musical groups who had converged at Janabahaa from different parts of Kathmandu to take part in this event.

Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

1 comment:

Darasha, USA said...

Alok Ju

Thanks a million for sharn the preparatory pictures of Jana baha dyo jaatraa I looked at the pictures and and felt sad on seeing number 12 picture I assume he is Ananda Shakya of Maasan Galli. The Bajan Guru Is it true ? Just to make sure Please up date on his health condition and convey my pray for his immediate recovery.

Even though I live so far away from home town my mind and sensation always walk around in Jana Baha, Asan, Kel twaa region. To come to close I am related to Budha Ratna and Guna Keshari Shakya from Jana baha They used to live in North-east corner house. Also please convey our message to them that they are in our heart all the time.

WhenI went through the website I saw many places new names are used, I request you to start using the old names like Nepalmandala, Kantipur Yen Yala Khwapa etc. to make it more specific then new names in bracket.This way people will gradually start thinking about the originality of Nepal mandala and it's survival. Is there any way to get a picture of Teen DHAARAA Pathasala with Swa-dhaa HITI. If we search we might be able to get it. Does it make sense to you What I am talking about ?

With regards and appreciation for your dedication to make the Jana bajaa familer to the world .