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Friday, October 01, 2010

Danke, Herr Nunnemann!

This is Friedlelm Nunnemann’s eighth visit to Nepal. He comes here every two years from Germany to trek the Himalayas, and in the course of his travels to Nepal, he has developed a deep interest in the unique heritage of Nepal. Sixty-eight year old Friedhelm (which means "peace helmet") is a retired exhaust emission and quality management expert who has worked for Mercedes and for the Environment Protection Agency of the United States government.

Friedhelm discovered an important document in November last year about a research carried by a Japanese university team about Janabahaa, and shared it with us. Details about that find are posted in this blog here.

Herr Nunnemann hanging out at Janabahaa.
Herr Nunnemann enjoys a cup of Nepali milk-and-sugar tea.

Herr Nunnemann gets introduced to Babu of the canine security corps of Janabahaa.

Friedhelm visited us at Janabahaa earlier this week and spent some time discussing the many architectural and artistic treasures of Janabahaa, and how his passion for Nepal’s heritage can be converted into something useful for a global audience who share his passion. He also made a generous cash donation to support the ongoing activities of the Janabahaa Society.

In honor of his continued interest and support to Janabahaa, we have decided to dedicate one of the flower pots that are being placed around the Janabahaa courtyard in his name.

Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit, unseren deutschen Freund! With deep gratitude, our German friend!

Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

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