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Friday, November 19, 2010

Caption Contest

2010_11_18_9999_35 - Cropped (1280x851)Send in your caption to this photo. The caption should be thought-provoking or funny. Just type it in the comments box below and submit. Top five entries will be published in this blog.

Photo by Alok Tuladhar.


Anonymous said...

"What could that guy possibly tell me that's not in Lonely Planet?"

Manoj Manandhar said...

The first thing that struck me was “ THE WISE AND THE WEARY”. Some others that came into my mind were as follows.

“ same place different worlds”
“ same age different goals”
“ the awakened and the asleep”
“ Book versus the stick”
“Life – the book of dreams”

Thank you.


PDSz said...

"where are we?"


Kamal said...

God is secular when we allow him to be; that bench did, at least for the leisure time.

moheeta said...

A bench that serves all - from the curious to the peaceful kind.

surendra said...

some learn from books. some learn from experience..

kutisau said...

Let me check in my Lonely Planet what this old man is doing?

Shishir K. Singh said...

Old age in Stone age.

Prakash said...

All are equal in God's place.

Friedhelm Nunnemann said...

In books you´ll find knowledge, not calmness and wisdom.

In this context I found : Nicholas Maxwell, From Knowledge to Wisdom, Blackwell 1984 ("We need a revolution")

Asmita said...

I just need to pass my time

udayan said...

"you do the reading while I doze off a bit"