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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Annual Bathing Ritual of Janabahaa Dyo (with New Additives)

The annual bathing ritual of Janabahaa Dyo was held on January 12, 2011 in Janabahaa, accompanied with some brand new activities.

Three unique events highlighted this year's ceremony. First, on the occasion, a 15-gram silver souvenir coin was released; a week-long photo exhibition of Janabahaa and Janabahaa Dyo was launched; and an ancient visual footage dating back to 2024 Bikram Sambat (1968 AD) of the Janabahaa Dyo rath yatra (chariot pulling festival) created by Corneille Jest of France was shown to a large audience in a huge screen. Some pictures of those events are given below.

 People of all age groups watching the photo exhibition.

Old pictures attract attention from a viewer.

Carefully reading the captions to understand the story behind the pictures.

Janabahaa was literally jam-packed with people during the three-in-one event, which some have started calling the kickoff of the Janabahaa Festival.

Honoring senior citizens during the silver souvenir release ceremony.

A banner inviting guest to attend the silver coin release ceremony.

Janabahaa Dyo returning back to the temple after the evening ritual.

Janabahaa Dyo wrapped in brocade cloth returning back to the temple.

A senior priest leading the Janabahaa Dyo procession.

Butter lamps lighting up the entrance offering space inside Janabahaa.

A large crowd gathered to witness the annual Bathing Ritual.

Priests performing Puja (offering) as part of the ritual.

A large crowd is still eagerly watching the photo exhibition late in the evening.

Photo exhibition draws a large crowd to the Janabahaa premise.

In the main street outside Janabahaa, a live streaming of the annual bathing ritual was shown on large screen for those who were unable to watch it inside due to over-crowding.

A large crowed gathered to watch the live streaming of the ritual that was taking place inside Janabahaa.

People eagerly watching the 1968 A. D. footage of Janabahaa Rath Yatra.

A crowd of all age groups watching the visual from 43 years ago on a large screen.

A screen shot of the footage that shows the people in Kamalakshi, near Ason Tole in 1968 A. D.

Living goddess Kumari returning after witnessing the Janabahaa Dyo bathing ritual.

Members of the general public queuing up to purchase the silver coin memento.

Devotees offering their prayers as they watch photos of Janabahaa Dyo.

Additional pictures are available as slideshow below.

Photos by Surendra Sthapit.

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