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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reclaiming the Streets

Starting July 31, 2010 – the red banner declared – all illicit “footpath” stalls will be banned, as they encroached upon public land, causing hindrance to pedestrian and vehicular traffic and defacing the city. With joint efforts of Kathmandu Municipality, police, traffic police, local ward office, Asan Sewa Samiti, Machhindra Club, Balkumari Khel Mandal and Indrachok Club, the ban has been enforced effectively and peacefully since that date.

This ban was enforced along the stretch between Asan and Wonghah (Indrachowk), including in the large open area just outside the Janabahaa main gate. This new development is seen by many as an excellent example of non-government and government cooperation for effective, immediate results.

Half a dozen hired “security guards” are now on duty throughout the day to enforce the ban on infringing street hawkers. Police and municipality officers also patrol the area more frequently now to help keep the streets free from unruly street vendors. These enforcement personnel not only ensure that touts relinquish the streets that they had occupied illegitimately, but also persuade storekeepers not to use public space to display their products.

 Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

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