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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Policing…. nahhhh. Patrolling… yeah!

Scouts are always prepared. Members of the Machhindra Rover Ranger Crew, affiliated to Macchindra Club, are helping keep the Janabahaa premises clean with much vigor and enthusiasm.

Not only do the boy scouts help collect the garbage, they also talk to residents and shopkeepers about the importance of keeping the complex spotless.

As the younger generation get more involved in Janabahaa, they develop a keen interest in its priceless heritage, grooming themselves to take up conservation work with renewed energy.

Cleaning never stops at Janabahaa. Earlier blog entries about the continuous cleaning efforts are given below:

Photos by Alok Tuladhar.

1 comment:

surendra said...

how do you manage to be around janabahaa whenever there is some interesting and noteworthy activities going on...good work